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There's also the literal lowest-level-possible challenge, which can be attempted only using outdated patches. And we have the Ironman challenges of various difficulty, the impossible no-items-no-skills-no-stats challenge, and of course any build or item choice less than optimal will be challenging at least to defend against hecklers.

Notably, the Paladin class has both a handful of special shields as his class items and a few abilities that require shield use.

Any monster with the 'Fire Enchanted' trait promptly cover a decent amount of the ground with themselves upon death. This gets especially silly with the boss of the Flayer Dungeon, as you have to defeat him twice and has Fire Enchanted in both forms.

Necromancers can do this to nearly any dead enemy with Raise Skeleton Mage or Corpse Explosion, as well.

Some monsters also break into gibs upon a normal sword-bashing death. It's funny to cast the resurrection spell with a necromancer on them and watch the death animation play backwards.

Gibs fly into the air and connect with each other, forming a fully functional undead monster. Interestingly, if one kills a swarm of locusts and attempts to raise a skeleton from the "corpse", the same bloody explosion will occur and produce a perfect human skeleton complete with weapon.

Also, if you kill an enemy skeleton, you can cast the raise-skeleton spell on it, but first it too must explode in a shower of blood and gory effluence.

Blow up a tiny Leaper or Fetish and get a blood fountain as glorious as if you'd blown up an entire Blood Maggot.

A dry, fleshless Skeleton Warrior? That one little animation, illogical as it may be, provides so much catharsis.

Many of the Druid's powers explode corpses too Diablo II continues the trend: To rescue Cain, find the scroll needed to access the Cairne Stones to open a portal to Tristram.

Later on, find the Horadric Malus that was left behind in the rogue monastary. To open the door to the final stage requires you to complete a long MacGuffin chain.

Find a Horadric Scroll in the sewers, then find the Horadric Cube , then find the two pieces of an ancient staff that must then be put together to form a full staff The Horadric Staff.

Horazon's Journal you need to read in the arcane sanctuary also applies as one even though it's not an item your character can grab. Similar to Act II, to open the door to Mephisto's lair, find the 4 pieces of an ancient flail throughout the Act that must then be put together to form a full flail Khalim's Will.

Act ends with you receiving Mephisto's Soulstone. The cutscene after finishing Act 4 also shows the player destroying Diablo's MacGuffin.

Off-camera, Baal's MacGuffin is destroyed as well. This is increased from Diablo. Magic can make nearly anything explode - arrows, snowballs, the earth itself, and most notably, corpses in a variety of gruesome ways.

Any monsters with the Fire Enchanted property explode spontaneously when they die, no matter how it happens, leaving only copious quantities of blood and goo.

You don't want to be too close when that happens. The Assassin is a member of the Viz-jaq'taar, an order formed by the Vizjerei mage clans and tasked with hunting down and eliminating rogue mages who traffic with demons.

The Amazon, whose archery was supplemented by support magic such as making enemies glow, which make them easier targets and summoning Valkyries.

Characters can equip a wide variety of magical rings, amulets, and tiaras. The Paladin who can use both defensive and offensive magical auras and the Assassin with her magical martial arts are the closest fits.

The Druid can specialize in either magic or physical combat with his shapeshifting tree , but doesn't really count since it's hard for him to do both at once.

The Necromancer's skills allow for a 'Meleemancer' build, which relies on primarily on curses to allow the Necro to cherrytap monsters to death without much risk.

Diablo II had simpler staves than in the first game that provided bonuses to sorceress' skills. They can also have high melee damage, but are not likely to be used in an actual fight.

An exception to this is the unique staff "Ribcracker", which is a fairly popular weapon for shapeshifter druids who don't have access to the high end expensive runewords.

The Assassin's gadgets such as the lightning trap, flame trap and blade barrier would fall under this. As a coven of mage hunters, the assassins avoid making use of spells.

However, as a former mage clan, they've instead dedicated themselves to developing psychic powers and engineering weapons and tools based on their old magics.

Necromancers and sorceresses can use wands that provide bonuses to their spells. However, they're used as clubs in combat. Weak, easily breakable, expensive to repair clubs: Make Me Wanna Shout: The Barbarian has a number of vocal capabilities howl, taunt, shout, battle cry, battle orders, war cry and battle command with a number of effects on enemies ranging from fear, stunning or status penalties all the way to immediate damage.

They can also grant allies temporary buffs. It's the fuel for spells of all types. The " Mana Burn " modifier that can spawn on unique monsters, which takes some of your mana when they hit you.

There are also regular monsters with mana draining attacks. Encountering a monster with both Mana Burn and lightning enchanted is fun.

The mana orb is blue and held by a statue of an angel. Mana Potions restored your character's mana. Magical weapons could have a special ability that restored your mana when they hit an opponent.

The Sorceress has an Energy shield that diverts a proportion of damage to Magic points. Diablo himself, who not only has a ton of HP, but most certainly is a threat.

You'll spend a lot of time attacking and a lot of time dying. Several levels qualify in the higher difficulties, but the most egregious is the Durance of Hate second floor.

What makes this example especially annoying is that, besides its incredible length its area is several times a regular level , there's a chance for it to be filled of Stygian Dolls.

Good luck making through that incredibly long level while fighting them every three rooms. You have a giant maze of hallways, each a single sprite wide.

This means you are forced to fight anything in front of you. There are lot of things in front of you. Only one melee fighter can attack one enemy at a time.

Decided to bring one of the town's lancing mercenaries with you? Well expect them to be either bored or dead. If you had the misfortune of going the wrong way, well then it looks like you're going to have to go through said process all over again.

Needless to say, it's not one of the game's more attractive experiences. The Druid is sometimes accused of being a Master Of None.

He uses elemental magic, nature summons, and has shapeshifting for melee. However, his magic is weaker than the sorceress', often with huge timers placed on them.

His summons are limited to 1, 3, or 5 damaging minions, while the Necromancer can have somewhere around 40 skeletons total.

His melee skills are up to the task, but since his were-forms have limited durations, he has to worry about turning back into a human mid-battle.

The Assassin can unlock chests without a key. Some have complained that it's a pointless skill, since keys are so easy to come by in the game that you're usually selling the extras to make room in your inventory.

Kehjistan combines Mayincatec building elements with South Asian jungles. It is also the seat of power of a monotheistic, very Christian influenced world religion, and most of it has a very Darkest Africa feel.

They do practice blood sacrifice - to the prime evil Mephisto, probably without even knowing it.

Act I takes place in the same medieval region as the first game, and takes it even further by expanding the area around Tristram and featuring the Monastery.

Some very high level items that increased XP gain, and items ranging from low to high levels that increase gold drops or the chance that randomly dropped items will be magical and the power of magical items that drop.

Summon-focused necromancers can have more than 30 minions of various types on screen at a time. Druids can summon a small horde of minions too, though theirs are far less effective.

Diablo II is pretty much an exercise in minmaxing. Every build has optimal stat and skill placement and item choices.

Deviating from the build in any way, or heaven forbid trying to make something unique or using whatever equipment you pick up off the ground, ensures that you will have to use effort to get through hell difficulty.

Furthermore, minmaxing extends to the items as well as characters. Nihlathak and The Ancients use skills accessible to Necromancers and Barbarians.

Nihlathak in particular is fitting, as using your abilities quick enough prevents him from using the same very deadly abilities against you both use up corpses.

Money has three uses: Reviving your mercenary, repairing your gear, and gambling in which you spend money on an item with unknown properties. It's still one of the best ways to get good equipment in single player.

Early on, it's a good idea to buy gear regularly. Every now and then, you can get some useful but expensive gear from the right merchant.

Especially for the Paladin, the Sorceress and the Necromancer, because they need specific weapons that don't drop more often than others, and cannot be acquired through gambling.

The SOJ was a powerful ring that was duped to such ridiculous levels that it served as the de facto currency in the game, and the Diablo Clone was Blizzard's way of getting rid of excess SoJs.

Gambling allows one a relatively decent odds of getting a desired item, assuming one has sufficient money it "only" takes a few thousand tries, if you're not unlucky.

Necromancers can create skeletons out of fallen enemies to fight alongside him. Until he learns the Revive spell, which is the pinnacle of necromancy because it animates a creature in a way that gives it access to all the intelligence it had in life but gives control to the Necromancer, they all turn into humanoid, human-sized skeletons—even if they were previously foot-tall imp demons.

Or a cloud of flies. Or a ghost, or a bug. At least the imps might have bones. This is apparently justified by Necromancers not actually using the bones of a defeated enemy for creating the skeleton, but rather just using the dead energy of it to animate other bones.

Standard, where anywhere other than the towns will be absolutely swarming with monsters, including the sewers under the town. This is justified, since literally all Hell is flooding into the mortal realm and the world is nearing its destruction.

Several enemies can revive dead enemies such as the fallen shaman. The Necromancer has the ability to summon Helpful Mooks such as skeletons and Golems.

Several of the Amazon powers including one actually named Multi-Shot. Certain monsters can spawn with this attribute as well. Mummies are a particularly common enemy in Act II.

The lore says that unlike zombies with their rotten flesh, mummies conserve their muscles and tissues intact which makes them physically stronger than other types of undead.

Mummies can be produced in infinite numbers from sarcophagi and "die" in a burst of poisonous gases from the chemicals used to preserve their ancient bodies escaping, of course , and greater mummies, the remains of Horadric mages who, to honor them, had animal parts grafted onto their bodies in death.

They could raise other kinds of undead but not each other and threw black "Unholy Bolts". The official guide suggests using fire arrows or spells to scout ahead in dark areas.

My Death Is Just the Beginning: The series features a plan that requires two deaths, masterminded by the eponymous demon himself.

It was first hinted at in Diablo II by the fallen angel Izual, who hints that the deaths of the Prime Evils are serving some greater purpose. In Diablo III , the purpose is to get all the defeated Evils, Prime and Lesser, into the same Black Soulstone, which is then jammed into the chest of the daughter Diablo fathered after being killed the first time.

This allows Diablo to become the personality in charge of the full power of the Prime Evil. All magic weapons are named.

As a quest reward, you can ask a person to inscribe one of your objects with your name. Diablo II has its Necromancer player character.

He can raise skeletons, summon golems, revive the dead, dish out poison and element-less magic damage, debuff enemies with curses, and a favorite of many players: Ironically, necromancers are described as the only non-divine magic-users whose abilities aren't inherently corruptive—they're devoted not to death, but to the cycle of life and death, and they oppose Hell because the demons have been trying to break the cycle.

Legacy of Blood has Kara Nightshadow as a heroine, and is genuinely one of the good guys. She often has to explain to other characters how her use of death magic doesn't conflict with her apparent alignment.

Humbart is a spirit bound to a skull. Nothing else, just a skull. He can see, hear, and talk, but that is about it.

Zayl makes it a point to keep Humbart hidden when he's around anyone else, lest they think he's evil. The Sin War trilogy briefly explains the origins of the Necromancers.

Heaven is at war with Hell, and both sides think they could win by "recruiting" the mortals of Sanctuary. They would like to kick ALL Angels and Demons out of Sanctuary, but, lacking the ability to do so, they wind up fighting against whichever side is winning.

Like the first game, you can replay the entire game after you've completed a difficulty level. The Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels are more like this.

The Harlequin Crest returns, and is one of the best hats in the game. Unfortunately, it stands out like a sore thumb in a fairly realistic and gritty Grimdark world because it's a neon green hood.

You can also wear skull helmets, winged helmets, and assorted other interesting headgear. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Every hero in the series has done something or another to screw things up.

Including frigging Tyrael , your archangel ally. Marius, however, is the shining example. Not only does he violently bugger up by yanking Tal Rasha's Soulstone and thus releasing Baal while Diablo and Tyrael were occupied, but he breaks things worse by inaction due to not going through the Hell Gate and having the Soulstone fragment destroyed.

This does little to make his death at the end of the main game any less tragic. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! Baal corrupts the Worldstone, forcing Tyrael to destroy it.

The Necromancer goes squee over the Arcane Sanctuary: I wish I had time to study this bizarre dimension. What does he do with that gold?

Angels got to pay the bills too. Only it can reveal the true path to Mephisto. Khalim's Brain knows Mephisto's weakness. Projectiles only really become dangerous when there are loads of them, or they home.

The Amazons also have a spell that slows down any missile. The partial exception to this is the red lightning Diablo itself fires, which is very difficult to avoid completely.

Unfortunately, the Amazon's arrows also qualify which is why she gets fancy multi-shot and machine gunning skills to compensate.

Lumps move under his skin, horns sprout from his brow, and his face stretches and twists as he howls in pain. Thankfully, he collapses and the rest of the transformation occurs hidden under his cloak.

The Paladin is one of the selectable classes. He left the Corrupt Church of Zakarum and seeks to destroy the demons responsible for its corruption.

Bookshelves usually yield a single spell tome at best. Averted; there's a specific 'travel gap' between the different Acts - an unseen and assumed caravan takes you from the temperate Rogues camp to the desert of Lut Gholein, then an unseen boat takes you from the desert to the jungle of Kurast, then the end of that Act opens a magical portal directly to Hell.

If you have the LoD expansion, a helpful angel teleports you directly from Hell to the fifth Act in the snowy mountains.

Peninsula of Power Leveling: The first area of Act V used to be a great place to level grind thanks to relatively easy monsters who gave exp like candy.

It got fixed in a patch later on though. The general peninsulas for Diablo 2 are something along the lines of: Tristram for Tomb runs for Cow level for Baal Runs on varying difficulty modes for 25 on.

There's also an Ascended Glitch that lets you equip items to gain stats, which lets you equip even better items. Resistances and immunities apply.

Against other players, it does only 4. This works with ranged attacks but the effect is halved. Diablo II is more notable than the first game for being in this state even after a decade of semi-annual support.

Most skills are bugged and many are outright broken even after ten years of patches. A few particularly offensive examples of bugs that still plague it: The "Lying Character Screen".

Due to the character screen not being updated in patches, while fundamental game mechanics have been, the character screen is notorious for displaying incorrect numbers for every gameplay value except the player's name, level, experience, and health.

Melee spear skills for the Amazon class are so broken that players will call you crazy for considering them.

One skill has such a slow animation that a monster can walk away before it lands. There's also a multi-strike skill that, as soon as any hit misses in the sequence or is interrupted including by any of the Amazon's passive damage avoidance skills , all subsequent hits will miss while the animation plays out and you are beaten to death.

Both skills that use a certain attack animation, which looks like a continuous blast of flame or ice, can only hit one target. This is because the missile used disappears once it hits a target, rather than continuing to exist to deal damage in spite of the ongoing animation giving the illusion it's working.

There is the Gloam enemy that has two attacks: The damage from the first attack is inexplicably added to the damage from the second attack making it one of the most infamous monsters in the game.

Due to faulty coding a Viper enemy, on Hell difficulty, fires poison blasts from its mouth that leave behind invisible hitboxes that do massive physical as well as poison damage and hit up to This can and will kill any character not specifically built to fully negate the damage within seconds if they meet the conditions to trigger the bug.

Walking, or having an ally stand near you. They're also notorious for murdering your NPC ally without a moment's notice. If a boss monster gets a certain kind of randomly generated Mana Drain power, it drains x as much mana as intended.

This makes it go from an annoying perk to an instantly debilitating one that can result in nearly instant death for sorceresses who used the Energy Shield skill which allows the player to lose mana instead of health when attacked.

Three of these, aptly named the Prime Evils. Diablo II has you sent to Hell to kill Diablo. Turns out the forces of heaven have set up a fortress there and in fact have a few angels patrolling the place trying to keep things under control.

Care to guess how that turned out? To some extent, the Countess may qualify for this. The first time you kill her, her spirit in gaseous form floats into a chest in the middle of the room, which pops open and dumps out several dozen piles of gold.

With the most recent patch, even in subsequent battles, on higher difficulties she has a better chance of dropping runes than most enemies, and probably the best chance proportional to the amount of effort needed to find and kill her.

In addition to being useful in their own right, runes have also become the standard trade commodity of the Battle. Pindleskin was not intended to be this, if being patched is any indication, but before then it could drop the most powerful items in the game.

Thankfully, this was removed by adding an Alt-key function to show all items on the ground. The Necromancer has a whole skilltree devoted to poisons.

Werewolf druids gain the rabies skill, allowing their bite to deliver a poison that can be spread from one enemy to another simply by being in close proximity to each other.

For a while, multiplayer servers were frequent to item duplication, making in-game gold worthless and duplicated rare items especially the Stone of Jordan forming the main unit of currency.

In closed servers, item duplication is illegal, so trade is better-regulated, though open servers are not. You can hire expendable mercenaries in town to aid you.

Plot Coupon That Does Something: The Horadric Cube is needed to transmute several pieces of useless crap into a larger piece of useless crap just so you can get to the bosses of Acts II and III.

However, you can continue to use it to transmute Vendor Trash into better items that are both more useful and more valuable. It also doubles as a mini- Bag of Holding , taking up 2x2 space in inventory while having a 3x4 space for items.

It's also essential to being able to access the Secret Cow level. Low-level Necromancers can enchant daggers with poison.

Poison enchantments on weapons was also quite common, even though these enchantments were generally far from lethal in any way.

Assassins can poison their weapons with the Venom skill. At the end of Diablo , the titular Big Bad is imprisoned in a crystal which is fused with the hero's body and mind, as Diablo simply cannot be killed.

Cue the second game, where the hero is completely overtaken by Diablo who wears his body like a cloak.

While this counts as Demonic Possession , it is implied that the process was gradual and did not rely solely on magic, but also at least partially on the personal influence and inherent malice of the demon.

The same story also happened in the past with Tal Rasha and Baal. Various Fallen repeatedly call the names of some of their greatest heroes boss critters.

Especially said bosses themselves, Rakanishu, Bishibosh, and Colenzo. Notably when the PC approaches the Fallen to attack, they usually scream something like "Back off!

Diablo II characters do this, for much the same reasons as World of Warcraft. Namely, specializing is the only way to get a character doing enough damage at the higher difficulties.

As might be expected this is bad news for, for example, a sorceress who uses only fire spells who meets an enemy that is immune to fire.

The strategy guides and developer comments refer to the Amazon character as a "spearazon" or a "bowazon", depending on which skill tree the player specializes in.

There's also a build using Holy Freeze and Zeal which is called appropriately the Freezealot. Assassins are primarily grouped into Kicksins those who use kung fu and Trapsins those who use traps.

Power Gives You Wings: Angels have wings made of energy tentacles. They possessed power beyond any angel or demon and more significantly were Immune to Fate.

The Angels feared their power and created the Worldstone to limit their power. Cue the sequel , and the first of the new Nephalem become powerful enough to slay the reincarnated God of Evil.

The Power of Hate: Mephisto , who is called the Lord of Hatred for a reason. He is so absolutely evil that even the dead rise in rage to kill the living.

Regular Lightning is vastly better than Chain Lightning in all aspects. Pretty much all of the necromancer spells except the direct damage line get worse as you go down the tree.

Putting too many points into Energy Shield causes you to run out of mana. Cleanse gets worse at higher levels due to a bug again.

Putting too many points into Evade causes you to stunlock yourself. For a while Zeal used to add more hits as you put more points into it, until it locked your character in place for about five seconds while flailing away at nearby monsters - and if the first attack misses, all of them miss.

No lifesteal, no way to cancel out of it, you're dead. The Diablo II community used certain well-known "rare" items well, they drop rarely, but given the size of the playerbase there are still tens of thousands of them such as the traditional Stone of Jordan ring as currencies.

Though each trade was effectively a barter, valuable items would have an agreed-upon market value in, say, Stones of Jordan or High Runes Ist Rune and higher.

The Barbarian has the Taunt ability, which lowers an enemy's defenses, and more importantly, provokes ranged attackers into fighting up close.

When Tyrael blows up the World Stone in the epilogue of Lord of Destruction , a warping sound can be heard before the stone goes boom.

In fact, this effect is tripled: There is a moment of silence after Tyrael charges up the sword and a slowmotion effect when he throws it that reaches its pinnacle when the sword enters the stone.

Then the dimensions around the stone start to ripple. The stone slowly disintegrates, and as it reaches its ends, it builds up to a final explosion, this explosion is preluded by the now familiar pre-explosion warping sound.

But then it turns out that there is a second, even louder explosion, that comes after a softer explosion, the softer explosion thus itself becomes the pre-explosion warp.

The champion from the last game was possessed by Diablo and is always a few steps ahead of you. He mostly shows up in the cutscenes, but you do encounter him once ingame.

The second half of the first Act takes place in the dungeons under the Rogue's Monastery, which has now become the stronghold of the demon queen Andariel.

Here the player gets to see what exactly happened to all the Rogues who didn't get corrupted into Andariel's minions, as there are plenty of various torture devices with the corpses of naked, dismembered women all over the dungeons and blood smeared accross the walls.

The culmination is Andariel's lair, where the first room has a giant pit in the center which is full of blood and corpses, followed by her throne room with the naked bodies of Rogues impaled on spiked pillars as decorations.

The former mage clan that became the Assassins, have developed psychic powers such as mind control as one of the supernatural abilities that are an alternative to their old demonically influenced magic.

The exclamation marks are in speech bubbles and the character will will try to come towards you. A given, taking into account the genre of the game.

Mercifully, the latest patch has made the rarest runes drop more frequently - still incredibly rare, but it is now reasonably likely for a high-level player to see a few in a Season.

Before it was possible for a player to never see some runes in their entire career - unless you traded for dupes. Magic Find gear makes the items that drop more likely to be higher quality.

You won't get more items dropping, but the ones that do drop will be better items. Lightning-based attacks do damage randomly between 1 and some huge number.

More or less the Trope Codifier for this sort of loot dropping. It featured individual pieces of equipment with random variations in stats, but special effects were mostly fixed to specific item types.

Diablo II does this in the same fashion as the first game, though single-player maps do not change unless the original is deleted, or if the player plays online.

These levels were more random before the first few patch; later on, they changed the random generator to be less annoying.

Diablo II has items similar to the Elixirs in the first game that gave a boost to your stats, but typically as one-shot quest rewards.

The games feature items that aren't just randomly dropped, but randomly generated from thousands of potential combinations of attributes, special abilities and base weapon types.

Runes items you can place into other items to make them better are particularly glaring, with some high-level runes having such tiny chances to drop 1 in millions, and even that requires finding enemies even capable of dropping the runes in the first place that most hard-core players have never seen a legitimate one ones created by hacks, of course, are another matter entirely.

In fact, one person apparently estimated that one has a better chance of getting hit by a falling plane that was struck by lightning than one does of finding the rarest rune.

Nobody knows if that estimation is true, but you get the idea. The rune example is fairly straightforward, but it can get much more complex: So, just getting a "max" sword would take at least 15 rolls of that sword, of which, the top swords are also rare.

The top suffix is "of Eviscration" which also varies by 20 points. It is estimated that maybe 1 sword has ever existed that was truly "perfect.

Diablo II includes many items that, when equipped, increase the odds of an item drop, notably socketing an item with perfect topaz gems.

Some players traded for as much of this equipment as they could cram onto themselves, and went hunting; the Barbarian had an edge over any other character in this respect, because the optimum item-finding equipment package requires dual-wielding a pair of enchanted broadswords, which only the barbarian can do, and the barbarian had a skill that basically amounted to "trigger the random drop again".

When you clear the Den Of Evil, the place gets illuminated with rays of light apparently breaking through the stone roof of the place as a heavenly-sounding choir can be heard above the music.

If you're playing a Paladin, the quote he gives at this point is quite fitting: The Paladins of The Church of Light.

At least until the entire church was corrupted by evil, anyway. It was added with the Expansion Pack. It also resulted in the addition of eight cells of wielded item Hammer Space which could be used to lug around items too.

This was added as a feature in this game. Enemies respawn when leaving the game and coming back. In online games, the map will also change. Both online and offline, what enemies appear in which area can change.

Also of note is that bosses also reappear like normal enemies. All dagger-class weapons are wielded in Reverse Grip , thus distinguishing them from swords.

The Assassin skill Blade Barrier, which creates a cloud of blades spinning around her and damaging all monsters that get close.

The Necromancer skill Bone Armor, which encircles him in swirling bones that protect him from damage. The Holy Bolt spell does two things: The Reanimated Horde from Lord of Destruction had a chance of rising again after you'd killed them although this could only happen a finite number of times and wouldn't always happen.

The only way to be sure was to Kill It with Ice , which would cause the body to shatter and evaporate. The Stone of Jordan , in addition to being a powerful unique item, also functioned as currency in online play due to the general worthlessness of gold beyond a certain point.

The player is essentially the fastest thing on the map. He has a Sprint Meter , but at higher levels it's too big to make a difference.

Except in very enclosed spaces, running is nearly always an option. This is why the most dangerous enemies in the game are the very few who are faster than you mainly Undead Fetish and uniques with the Extra Fast affix , those that do ice damage causing you to slow down, Spam Attack quickly enough to stunlock you , or mob you tightly enough to obscure the Town Portal you're frantically trying to click on.

The randomly-generated dungeon maps and loot, and the Save-Game Limits designed to prevent Save Scumming , essentially make it a real-time Roguelike with isometric graphics and multiplayer.

Hardcore mode features the Roguelike tradition of the permanency of death, and the option of having your corpse lootable is similar to the bones file feature of NetHack.

You learn of a possessed and evil character called the Dark Wanderer. The other two classes also turned rogue, including the rogue. Michael Gough would return to reprising his role of Deckard Cain.

To craft the weapon that will open the path to Mephisto's lair, you must use the Eye, Heart, and Brain of Khalim. The Three Prime Evils.

The Barbarian Ancients guarding the World Keep: Talic, Korlic and Madawc. Most of the key bosses are marathon bosses including all the Act Bosses except possibly Andariel, who's a bit of a half-way house , but the mid-act boss in Act 2, The Summoner, is a classic Rush Boss.

He's extremely fragile, going down in two or three hits, but depending on your build he can easily One-Hit Kill you , at least on Normal difficulty.

He also has fantastic range well over your character's sight range , meaning new players often die to him before they even see him. The burrowing Sand Maggots, which the official backstory points out are actually arthropods and not worms at all.

A gigantic boss variant named Coldworm the Burrower was so bloated it resembled a worm more than the normal Sand Maggots.

Kurast is completely infested with murderous cultists, demons and other creatures thanks to Mesphisto's corruption. Diablo II does not allow you to save in any way except by quitting the game.

Doing so respawns all monsters and teleports you to the town of the act you're in. Offline players can save scum by manually copying the save files to other locations or just flagging them "read-only" and removing the attribute once the desired results have been achieved.

Particularly useful for the otherwise expensive and unrewarding gambling. Everyone who was present in the canonical games and expansions has a part in the canon.

Not counting Multiplayer, this happens in the first two games. In Diablo 's Multiplayer, the NPCs keep the same speech, talking to you like if you were the sole one present.

This is a complicated example due to the difference between what's seen in-game and what happened according to canon.

In the games' canon, all of the heroes were indeed present. The Rogue, Sorcerer and Warrior from the first game show up as Blood Raven, the Summoner, and the Wanderer possessed by Diablo himself because he is made the one who canonically "defeated" him in the second.

This goes with the completely different onscreen and backstory versions of the setting of the first game; Tristram is supposed to be the capital of the realm, whereas in-game it's a minuscule village, and several adventurers are supposed to be coming to explore the nearby dungeon, when in the game the only possible signs of anyone such other than the Player Character are some remains inside.

To complicate things even more, though it's probably a Retcon or continuity error, while the Wanderer was the one who defeated Diablo, his background in the second game contradicts that of the Player Character in the first who used to live in Tristram, whereas the Wanderer was not known to anyone there , which would imply Further, each of the three "characters" described in the manual is actually a type of adventurer a character class in game terms ; it's not that there was just one Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer, the backstory made it clear there were at least potentially several of each coming to Tristram, and indeed the Rogues in the next game speak of others of their number besides Blood Raven having been there.

So basically, the game does the trope almost on two levels, but the canon averts it. Diablo III largely avoids anything hard and fast about the heroes of Diablo II , and lampshades the fact that Tristram is so small and run-down for a capital with one of Leoric's journals commenting on that and wondering why Lazarus directed him to make such a place his capital.

However, it further confuses the issue of the Wanderer, by making him Aidan, Leoric's eldest son, whereas in earlier lore, Leoric only had the one son — paving over the continuity error with regards to the Wanderer in Tristram by making him someone no-one would actually admit to recognizing after seeing how he'd deteriorated, but also making him a character who previously didn't exist in any capacity.

The secret Cow Level, which was made after various rumours about one in the first game. Various gimmick runs exist, for example a Necromancer run where the player avoids clicking on monsters as much as possible, instead just letting an army of skeletons and the odd golem do all the dirty work.

One player had a character called IreneTheInfirm: Somehow, Irene ended up killing Andariel. A user on the inc. Some bosses took hours to finish.

When she finally beat the last boss on the Harder Than Hard difficulty, her name-personalized cracked sash sold in-game for multiple high-value items.

One player, going by the name Sirian, decided to create a whole host of restricted D2 characters , such as Ember, the firebolt-only Sorceress.

The original pre-expansion plot ended with one of these. The whole story has been set in flashbacks told by a crazy man in a madhouse named Marius who tells the Archangel Tyrael about how he travelled the world with Diablo himself and saw the three Prime Evils rise to power.

Eventually he gives up the soulstone of Baal, Diablo's younger brother, to his visitor so all of it can finally end It wasn't Tyrael at all, but Baal in disguise.

He kills Marius and takes his soulstone back and leaves to pursue unknown plans. When playing online, it is rare to spend more than 20 minutes in act three, as everyone simply fights the council and Mephisto right away due to rushing and waypoint abuse.

Set a Mook to Kill a Mook: The Necromancer's Confusion curse causes enemies to attack randomly, and of course can be used on a crowd to turn them against each other.

There is also the Attract curse which causes all enemies to attack the cursed target. Necromancers can also raise defeated enemies from the dead as their minions.

Paladins have an attack that temporarily makes an enemy switch sides. If Defeat Means Friendship , a good punch to the face means a brief alliance?

Assassins and their summoned shadows can temporarily convert a monster to their side with Mind Blast. Item particularly, armor sets give you set bonuses if you wear some or all of them at once.

The randomly-generated items and monsters sometimes have matching affixes, leading to things such as "Flaming Longsword of Flame" and "Ghostly Ghost".

There are some shield-bash skills for Paladin. Prince Jerhyn, ruler of the land, is dressed in white robes and a turban, and has or had, rather a harem living in his palace, which has a giant onion-shaped dome typical of Mughal architecture.

Shoot the Medic First: Shamans have the ability to resurrect fallen enemies of their type that you've killed, so killing them quickly is very much recommended.

In the opening cinematic of Lord of Destruction , Baal and his army approach the gates of Sesscheron. A lone herald is sent out to address him. The herald eventually musters up his courage and defiantly refuses Baal entry to the city and declares that he will never reach Mount Arreat and the Worldstone.

Baal's response is to calmly tell him he will take his proposal "into consideration". He then summons tendrils of demonic energy that go inside the herald and make him pop like a grape.

Baal then mockingly says "it seems your terms Shoot the Shaggy Dog: The plot of Diablo revolves around a protagonist who seeks to stop the titular demon from destroying the town of Tristram, setting himself free from the cathedral, and leading his demonic hordes to destroy the world.

In the end, he kills the demon actually, his human host and plunges the stone containing his soul into himself , with hopes that he will be able to contain the demon's power.

All in all, a reasonable ending. Now, cut to Diablo II. It is revealed that he couldn't resist it. He became Diablo, destroyed Tristram, set himself free, and is now leading his demonic hordes to destroy the world.

It was actually revealed that by the time you face Diablo in the first Diablo game, you're already under his control. The entire point of Diablo's plotting in the first game was for him to find a stronger host body.

The manual to Lord of Destruction even points out how every time people thought it was over, the brothers just kept reemerging.

The expansion of the sequel isn't much better. You manage to smash Mephisto and Diablo's soulstones!

Except that Baal is still left unchecked, and he's figured out the location of the source of the soulstones, the Worldstone. Oh, and he manages to convince one of the NPCs to give him a Plot Coupon , meaning free access to the Worldstone for him.

By the time you catch up to and kill Baal, Tyrael comes down and notifies you that Baal's corruption of the Worldstone means that the only way to prevent the entire Realm from becoming an outpost of Hell is to destroy the Worldstone.

Not even Tyrael himself knows what will happen afterwards. All you can do is enter the portal he opens for you.

The Necromancer has a rather iconic pauldron in the shape of a horned demon skull on one shoulder. A couple of other fansite personalities also show up as merc names such as Scorch and Elle.

Some of the Rogue mercenaries are named after staff on the old "official unofficial" diabloii. In act 5 you can hire most of the protagonists from The 13th Warrior.

One of the rare dirk-class weapons is called "The Diggler," a reference to Boogie Nights. If you speak to Gheed after completing Act I, he gleefully announces that he's gonna party like it's The Necromancer can use shrunken heads as a shield, boosting his powers at the same time.

Lots of demons use scythes as primary weapons and scythes are available as equippable weapons, powerful but not that effective.

Some of the Uniques aimed for the Necromancer were Scythes adorned with skulls. And the lack of effectiveness from the scythes come more from the fact that slow weapons with heavy damage being largely useless, due to the fact it means you take a long time to recover and thus being incapable of effectively dodging insta-kill attacks like some creatures' ability to cast an uber powered version of the Sorceress inferno, and some bosses' attacks.

Still, it is said a Concentration specced Barbarian would be able to pull it off They work especially well with the Shapeshifting skill tree.

Median XL's Necromancers are quite fond of using scythes as their Weapon of Choice , and have some nice attacks such as Angel of Death that do nasty damage.

Skeletons in the Coat Closet: Bone helms, bone shields, and bone wands which all classes can use. There are also the shrunken heads which are unique shields for necromancers.

Necromancers also have a unicorn skull as their left pauldron. Diablo II is infamous for its unforgiving skill tree system which forced many players to start the game all over again when it turned out their skill build wasn't any good later on.

Fortunately a one-time reset was added in a patch, and a certain late game item also allows this, making it slightly less jarring. Skill Scores and Perks: Individual tiers are unlocked one by one at certain character levels, after which any number of skill points gained at each level and from some quests can be invested into any unlocked perk, increasing its efficiency and often giving bonuses to more advanced perks derived from it.

On a side note, Diablo II has one of the earliest implementations of the aura-type perks with its Paladin class.

Subverted in Lord of Destruction: Enjoy your boss fight! Skull for a Head: Lord of Destruction takes place in the snowy, barbarian-inhabited wastes of Harrogath.

The Wanderer over several cutscenes gradually looks more and more evil, until in a final cutscene morphing fully into a Diablo form. Blunderbores, Wendigo and Thorned Hulks.

Diablo II evened the gender balance a bit from the first game with three female classes and four male ones. Diablo II allowed the upgrading of gems, either through the Horadric Cube or touching a gem shrine which would drop one of your gems on the ground as a higher level one For example, touching a shrine while you have, for example, a chipped ruby would turn it into a flawed ruby.

If you didn't have a gem, it would drop a random, chipped gem when activated. The player is expected to invest as little as possible in starter skills and switch to using higher-tier skills as soon as possible.

Unless the intention is to make a Lethal Joke Character , that is. Even then, because of bad skill balancing by the developers see the Powerup Letdown entry , a few builds avert this: All of those skills are acquired at level 1.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Gear: Sorting Algorithm of Weapon Effectiveness: As in the first game, the item spread is carefully controlled by which area of the game you're in; the starting levels will give you nothing but light armor, weak weapons of all kinds, and marginally magical items.

This is averted in Hell difficulty mode, where all acts except act IV had several optional zones level 85 zones where pretty much any item except for the rarest runes may drop.

The only way to ensure that the Prime Evils never return to the mortal world is to destroy their Soulstones. Of course, the only reason the Soulstones exist to begin with is because the Evils somehow convinced the world that using them would do this.

Or, if Izual is to be believed, it's actually a gambit on the part of good manipulating evil, not evil manipulating good.

The original plan was to imprison the Evils in the Soulstones so that they would not return to Hell upon death. But Izual betrayed Heaven by filling in the Evils on how to corrupt the Soulstones and helped the Prime Evils mastermind their own exile into Sanctuary, setting up the events of the series proper.

Sound-Coded for Your Convenience: Most of the monsters make some periodic noise. Fallen chatter, insect-types chitter, zombies moan, skeletons shuffle, etc.

Every type of item that Randomly Drops has its own sound effect. They're pretty easy to distinguish even among similar types i. Chests , stashes and barrels make a very distinct noise when the player springs a Booby Trap.

It is one of the most memorable sounds in the game and a good reason not to play muted. Diablo II has a run of 4: Rather than actual books of spells, they're storage units for up to 20 individual spell scrolls.

Andariel features four spider legs growing from her back, but they're only used for attacking. Baal is this, walking on four arachnid-like legs.

Though not the villains, neither of them explicitly deny evil motives and revel in evil methods.

The Barbarian's Whirlwind attack; he spins rapidly with weapon s extended. The Amazon has Multishot, which fires a spread of arrows, and the Strafe skill, which fires a rapid stream of arrows.

Competely depleting the Sprint Meter means having to wait for it to fill up completely before sprinting again. Potions exist to temporarily nullify it.

Also, the game is kind enough to freeze the meter in the non-combat areas, allowing you to sprint all you like. Diablo II has quite a few things that qualify as this.

The assassin has Burst of Speed. The barbarian has the Increased Speed passive as well as Frenzy. The druid gets a minor boost when in werewolf form.

The paladin can use Charge for quick movement, or he can just switch to the Vigor aura and basically give his whole party the Bunny Hood effect.

Characters lacking these, and many who DO, usually have some equipment that gives a speed boost. The Necromancer and Sorceress are the 'squishy' classes.

The Druid can be as well, but certain builds especially those that focus on shapeshifting are more durable. Despite being squishy by his stats, a Necromancer who focuses on summons is easily among the safest of heroes, having several tons of undead flesh and bone between him and anything nasty.

Highly recommended for fresh solo characters, who must go it without hand-me-downs. Sorceresses focusing on Energy Shield can accomplish exceptional feats of durability as well, but it's much harder and much less common.

For enemies, there's the Summoner, who can deal lot of damage to you from a long distance but goes down pretty easily , if you can manage to get through the multitude of weaker enemies surrounding him to actually hit him.

The game has a poisoned status that continuously drains health and may prevent or counteract attempts at healing. The Frozen status severely slows down those afflicted.

When killed, there's a good chance the target will explode, destroying the corpse. When this happens, you temporarily transform into a tiny weak demonling carrying a spear.

A damage over time bleeding effect. The characters don't get any armor, just a class-appropriate weapon: Some of them also get a buckler. It should be noted, however, that these items are flagged as being Starter items, which means they always cost exactly 1 gold to repair.

Not that it helps, since you're probably gonna change them for something better before repairing them is a necessity.

Paladins were a lackluster fighter class at high levels, but were valued for their auras and healing abilities. This was later changed, while paladin auras were still beneficial to their parties, paladins are able to be extremely effective in melee zealots and smiters, which is one of the best builds for killing the hardest bosses and as casters hammerdins, a very popular build for rushing, power leveling, and farming in their own right.

Blizzard abuses this often. Minotaurs' death is one of the examples. When you go to defeat Baal, he just sits there and summons a few rounds of minions at you, while being completely invincible until the "real" battle with him begins in the next room.

Good job sticking a soulstone into your head, warrior from the first game. Wrestling against the lord of Terror, yeah right.

Take the damn soulstone to the Horadric mage, who can send you back down to destroy the thing. Admittedly, he was kinda messed up by this point and it's pointed out that this was a very very bad idea.

Still, why would you think your willpower can stand up to the devil, who also happens to be immortal so he'll win anyway? It is now known that the random warrior is actually the other son of the skeleton king and the older brother of the prince that Diablo took over for a body.

Basically, the entire game Diablo was whispering to the warrior to make him think that was the only way to seal him and prevent him from ever being released into the world again, but in contrast to the deranged hero, the audience—and, indeed, the Horadric mage in question—knows better.

Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: The helpful townsfolk from the first game are skeletal scenery when you return to Tristram On the plus side, Peg-Leg Wirt's body yields a buttload of coin and a surprising magic item.

The Rogue is corrupted by Andariel and becomes Blood Raven, the Sorcerer goes insane and becomes the Summoner, the imposter sub-boss of Act 2; and the Warrior becomes the Dark Wanderer — the new host of Diablo himself.

Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome: The hero from the first game is the Big Bad of the second. Averted; when you defeat the evil council in Kurast, their Zealots only run away from you at that point onward.

The Necromancer and Druid characters have a whole list of spells devoted to summoning multiple allies, who are always loyal and fight until killed.

The Amazon and Assassin can summon a single powerful ally. Most NPC magic-users, most monsters. The Prime Evils and Angiris Council.

Anu and Tathamet, Diablo as the Prime Evil. First, if you collect two or more scatters that appear anywhere on the reels, the game will offer you a cash payout.

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You manage to smash Mephisto and Diablo's soulstones! Experiment, explore and convert metals to the philosophers' stone! Shoot and match the orange bubbles in the farm. Imagine coole panzer spiele prized gear on the floor surrounded by monsters right Beste Spielothek in Matschach finden the entrance of the level waiting to chomp Beste Spielothek in Obertilliach finden on you. Defend jack and the beanstalk casino miners and missile silos from aliens. The various "Consulting Detective" sets, and some third party "Call of Cthulhu" adventures set the feely bar very high in the mid-eighties. Red riding hood is bringing her granny medicines and fruit, but many obstacles await on her road through the forest! Flap the wings to avoid sharp edges. Given his status as commander of heaven's armies and the angels' believe in order it greatly impedes the other angels from acting. The limited edition of Ys: The sewers under Lut Gholein, although there are passageways that are tiny and cramped and will only allow one bestes gta to move forward at a time. Given that you'll fight a few hundred over the course of Act V, Baal is clearly a pimp.

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Wild Dices Slot - Play Online for Free or Real Money -

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